USU Merchant Forms

Request for PCI Security Training

Anyone accessing, transmitting or processing credit card information via a system, storage, sales process or network access will need to participate in credit card security training.  To request an individual to be enrolled in the PCI Security Training complete this form.

Request for Deploying/Removing PCI Devices on PCI VLAN

Every system that passes, processes, or stores credit card information is required to have all application servers, database servers, and terminal/endpoint devices on the appropriate PCI network. Terminals that are used by USU to process credit cards thru an online, third-party vendor are in PCI scope and need to be registered on the PCI Network. Request for Deploying/Removing PCI Devices on PCI VLAN form

Bank Filing Forms

USU Merchants will need to complete the various PCI forms for each of their merchant IDs annually. These forms will document the necessary business procedures and provide needed informationin complete your merchant's PCI Attestation of Compliance and the Security Assessment Questionnaire.
After completing the forms, an email will be send to the designated email address with an attached document. Please print, sign and return the original back to USU Compliance Officer, TSC 212, UMC 0131.
To complete the necessary forms, you will need to know the following:
Merchant ID
Merchant #
System Name
System Version

USU Merchant Questionnaire

To assist in the filing of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire for your merchant account with your merchant service provider in achieving and maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, please complete and attest to the following questions in the PCI Merchant form.You will need to complete this for each of the merchant accounts in your area. USU Merchant Questionnaire
USU Blackboard Merchant Questionnaire
Due to several merchants sharing the Blackboard Transact system, every USU Profit Center will be required to submit an individual questionnaire for their business application of the system and all submissions will be consolidated into on SAQ. USU Blackboard Merchant Questionnaire form
USU Credit Card Paper Form Acceptance, Storage and Processing Procedures
The USU Credit Card Paper Form Acceptance, Storage and Processing Procedures form is required for merchants that accept credit card payments via applications, off-site registrations, or offline payment processing. When returning the signed documentation, please include a sample copy of your payment request form.